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Super-Heavy Ring Hammer Crusher Series

1218HC & 1221HC

The working principle of Type of this Super-heavy ring hammer crusher series is similar to that of ordinary ring hammer. When working, once material entering into crusher, firstly, the material is broken under impact force with high-speed rotating beater, and then, with kinetic energy from beater, the material is thrown to the breaking plate at a high speed, and so second breaking is obtained. After then, final material is discharged out of crusher through opening of bar screen, while material which cannot be

broken will enter into metal collector and shall be removed regularly.

But compared with ordinary ring hammer crusher, Super-heavy Crusher is newly designed with such features:

1. With enlarged hammer(tooth) ring and screen opening size, the mass of hammer(tooth) ring is almost 4 times heavier than that of ordinary crusher and screen opening size 3times bigger, which has largely improved capacity and reduced energy consumption and frequency of material jammed.

2. With high-alloy material welded on the external surface of rotor disk and chuck, the service life both of them has prolonged two or three times.

3. With adjusting baffle for wind force designed at inlet, it is easy to adjust wind force and pressure outside crusher, at the same time, which causes a state of slight negative pressure at inlet but slight positive pressure at outlet, it can facilitate material through breaking cavity. in addition, with rubber sponge seal between connected surfaces provided, it is easy to control power dust and protect environment.

4. With hydraulic device to open the crusher body, it is easy to replace wear parts or maintain crusher.

5. With worm and gear as synchronic adjusting device, it is easy to adjust the gap between screen plate and hammer (tooth) ring.

6. With temperature alarming device designed, it can ensure reliability and prolong the service life of crusher to most extent.

Technical Parameters:


Feed size (mm)

Output size (mm)

Capacity (Tph)

Rotation speed (rpm)

Power (kW)

Weight (Ton)

Dimension (mm)

L x W x H


≤ 400

≤ 25

500 ~ 600



± 19

± 5700*3400*2000


≤ 400

≤ 25

600 ~ 800



± 25

± 6300*3400*2000


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