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Surface Reclaim Feeder Batu Bara

1500x10 & 1800x10

Surface Reclaim Feeder is the auxiliary equipment of transport machinery. It is used in crushing and grading workshop of large concentrator, cement, building materials and other departments. It is used for continuous and uniform feeding from silo to primary crusher. It can also be used for short distance transportation of materials with large particle size and specific gravity. It can be installed horizontally or obliquely with a large inclination of 12 degrees.

Our feeder are divided into right and left transmission according to the transmission mode. The transmission system on the right side of the machine is right transmission along the material running direction, and on the contrary, it is left type transmission.



1. Well adaptability. This machine is suitable for transporting bulk material and granular material of being in viscid. It can also cool and clean the materials  in the course of transmission;

2. Compact structure, easy installation ,commissioning and maintenance;

3. Equipped with Variable / Adjustable speed;

4. Reasonable structure of chain feeder plate and bucket, good rigidity and shock resistance;

5. Rolling friction instead of sliding friction which makes the resistance reduced;


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