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Mesin Pembuat Benang Nanofiber 5

KNT Type

Benefits of Sheeting

Nanofiber, which absorbs oil more than 50 times its own weight, is called a groundbreaking new material of the third premium. It is. “Nanofiber” that sandwiches these nanofiber with non – woven fabric and molds them into a sheet. We have newly developed a “bar sheet making device”.


Compared to the conventional oil adsorbent (commercially available), the nanofiber sheet molded by this device is 2 to 3. It has about twice the excellent oil absorption performance, and it is not only a general oil adsorbent but also a heavy oil spill accident. It can be used as an oil adsorbent or an oil recovery mat.

Furthermore, by combining a newly developed deoiling device separately, from the oil – adsorbed sheet. The oil can be degreased and recovered, and the sheet can be used repeatedly (reused).


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