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Vesatility and Application


Vesatility and Application

Sinoway is able to offer many attachments, to enable the equipment to work in various conditions.


Extendable Undercarriage

Sinoway understand that sometimes machines are required to work or be transported with narrower track width,the extendable undercarriage offer the flexibility by just simple operation inside cabin, the pontoons will extended or retracted hydraulically in a few seconds.


Wide Silt Bucket

For those applications mostly deal with silt or sands, Sinoway amphibious excavator with a silt bucket will bring you more efficiency, owing to the wider bucket and larger carrying volume.


Sub-Pontoons and Hydraulic Spud Pile

Side-pontoons/floating tanks can be added to each side of the amphibious excavator undercarriage pontoons to enhance the stability when floating on the water, spud piles will help the swamp buggy excavator to overcome the buoyancy prevent the machine from moving with the running water.


Cutter Suction Slurry Pump

For light dredging applications, Submersible Cutter Suction Pump Head can be installed to Sinoway amphibious excavator, connected to the floating pipes, slurry and sands can be flushed to the bank stock site directly.


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