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Sinoway Offers the Most Intuitive and Easy To Operate Amphibious Excavator with Great All Round Visibility and Comfort


Operator Comfort


Sinoway offers the most intuitive and easy to operate amphibious excavator, with great all round visibility and comfort.


You need the best seat if you are working on the machine all day long. The luxury floating high back seat with head support can be multi-directional adjusted and moved separately or moved together with the control boxes on both sides, to achieve the most operating position.


Ergonomic Joystick pilot control levers offer very precise control of the equipment, which increases versatility, safety. Leveling operations and the movement of lifted loads in particular are made easier and safer.


The Multi-function LCD monitor with large-screen, digital display can comprehensive monitor the working status of the engine (speed, water temperature, oil level, etc.), the operating information of the machine can be checked any time. Multi-language also available for the best understanding of the amphibious excavator information for operator.


Full-scope expand horizons and enlarge the front window, side windows and rear window to ensure the best vision to substantially reduce the blind area.


The function switch is focused on the control panel, through the point-touch buttons, which can be reach and chosen easily.


Skylight design allow more light to improve visibility and increase ventilation.


Large arm rest offer extra comfort when moving the joystick levers, and less fatigue for long time operating.


High performance all-weather air conditioner, which can rapidly heat or cool the cabin. The air flow and temperature can be adjusted and controlled easily. With several operating modes available, the most

Demanding operator shall be satisfied.


The operator station is supported with innovative silicone rubber shock absorber, which minimize the shock brought by the rough terrain and engine or hydraulic vibration and impact transmitted to the cabin, increase the stability of cabin and improve the operators’ sitting quality and operating comfort.


When the hydraulic lockout control is placed in LOCK position, all controls and moves are inoperable, which prevent accidents caused by unintentional operation.


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