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Service and Maintenance



Simplified service and maintenance features save your time and money, increase the availability of the equipment on site.


Easy change of filters

The oil-water separator fuel filter, oil filter and pilot hydraulic filters are set at the places easy to reach and very convenient to change.


Access to radiator

By opening the hood in one side the amphibious excavator, you will see everything of the radiator.


Manhole Accesses for pontoons (Optional)

Three Manhole accesses can be added on each pontoon if required, to enable the inspection and preventive maintenance of the inside of pontoons very convenient.


Access for hydraulic pump

The whole machine can be disassembled into three   main parts for transportation. There will be only one low bed trailer required. Reassembling takes only about one hour and just one crane will be required for lifting.


Large engine hood

The top open type engine hood offer the largest access to the engine, the daily maintenance of the engine and simple repairing works are opera table just by open the hood.


Access for hydraulic pump

Access for hydraulic pump which is reasonable and convenient.


Bolted Track Cleats (Optional)

Each track cleats can be fixed with 12 high bolts, which never get rusted, and enable change of the grade stain - less steel track, roller and chains very easy.


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