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Rubber hose HDPE pipe and Floater


·         Flexible Rubber Hose (Pressure Hose)

Length                                            : 3meter

Diamenter x lenght                         : 200mm (8') x 3000mm

Bending Capability                        : 30°C

Working pressure                          : 10 Bar



Abrasive resistant synthetic rubber with high strength breaker plies and coated with a high grade synthetic rubber interior surface.


High tensile strength fabrics with a steel inner structure. Fully embedded steel wire coils are incorporated to achieve kink, crush and local load resistenance.


Synthetic rubber, resistant to abrasion, weathering, sea water and oil exposure The cover, which incorporates reinforcing breaker plies is black with a bright orange spiral stripe or coated in tough bright orange polyurethane.


Connecting pipe from the cutter suction dredger to the HDPE pipe and able to connect with the HDPE pipe and the Cutter Suction Dredger directly.


·         HDPE Pipe With Floater


Diameter (inner/outer)×Length       : 220/480×800mm

Material                                        : Polyethylene

Bouyancy in fresh water               : 179 Kgs



Diameter × Length          : 200mm(8”)× 3000mm

Material                           : PE -100

Color                               : Black

Connecting                      : Steel flange joint @2pcs

Working pressure            : 10 Bar


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