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Two Output Automatic Plain Mask All in One Machine


Machine Introduction

1.   QLM120A two output automatic flat mask all-in-one machine is a high-efficiency and highly practical best-selling model developed by Qingdao Lebon Industry Co., Ltd.

2.   QLM120A two output automatic flat mask integrated machine is composed of 1 roll material feeding machine, 1 flat mask slicer, 1 connecting line and 2 ear band welding machines, which can complete the mask automatically. Body molding, automatic nose bridge reinforcement, ear band welding and automatic counting.

3.   The product concept: easy to use, stable and reliable, with good universality, compatibility and cost performance.

4.   The production process of this equipment is suitable for flat ear masks with outer ears with no more than 4 layers (without edge banding).


Related Introduction of Flat Masks

1.   Mask size: standard adult mask 17.5cm × 9.5cm

2.   Flat masks are divided into: 2 layers of non-woven masks, 3 layers of non-woven masks, and 4 layers of activated carbon masks

3.   Flat mask raw materials:

     3.1) 2-layer mask: non-woven fabric, bridge of the nose, ear hook

     3.2) 3 layers of masks: non-woven fabric, bridge of nose, ear hook, filter  cotton (filter paper)

     3.3) Activated carbon masks: non-woven fabrics, bridges of the nose, ear hooks, filter cotton (filter paper), activated carbon cloth.


Equipment Parameters



Equipment size

6500 (length) x 3500 (Width) x 1950mm (Height)

Equipment weight

About 1500Kg

Working voltage

AC220V  50HZ  Ground protection or by order

Machine power

About 10kW (Include welding)

Compressed air

0.4-0.6MP (Dewatered, oil-free, clean air after regulation)

Production efficiency

Around 120PCS/min

Product percent of pass

99% (Except for raw materials and human operation)

Performance feature

This machine is a fully automatic production line, from mask body to ear band welding and nose line welding.

Control mode

PLC+Human machine interface




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