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Environmental Friendly High Strength Jaw Crusher

GM Series

Application :

This machine is used for crushing high hardness  ores or  other solid material for component analysis 

continuously or intermittently 


Advantage :

·      The jaw plate is made of high strength material  which  has good abrasive resistance for high strength alloy material, and no pollution.

·      The crusher has the advantages such as: even discharging size, smooth running, easy adjustment and long service life;

·      The machine frame is made of the cast steel after heating treatment;

·      Easy maintenance and inspection with removable shell;

·      Mechanical-electrical integrated controlling and it is easy to operate;

·      Eco-friendly design, equipped with dust extracting outlet;

·      Total electro-static coating surface which makes good appearance and easy to clean;

·      It can work normally on the flat ground without fixing any base.


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