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Rapier Loom


GA747-III series flexible rapier loom is a new-type rapier loom based on GA747 series rapier loom And modified for three times according to the clients’ suggestions. This machine has wider applicability And stronger ability in weaving heavy fabrics, used to weave tabby, twill, satin, and jacquard for Cotton-hemp, chemical fiber and spun-silk, it adopts flexile rapier ribbon in weft insertion. ASGT211 dobby shedding, six-color weft selecting, out-loom let-off and centralized oiling. It can Locate and self-stop when occurring weft-breaking, warp-breaking and weft accumulator malfunction. It Adopts KJ indicating lamp to indicate and adopts light-weight, high-strength carbon fibre compound

Material and aluminum ally material, with simple and reliable structure. Moreover, its machine frame and Warp let-off structure is as common as that of GA615 shuttle loom. This machine is tested as qualified Product and issued qualification certificate by nation-level inspection center.

Principal performance and specification

1.       Working Width                                  : 180cm, 200cm, 230cm, 250cm, 280cm.

2.       Working Speed                                                 : 160-230 r/min

3.       Yarn                                                       : Cotton hemp, chemical fiber & blending.

4.       Weaving yarn size                            : Chemical fiber 75-1800den, other : 13-195tex

5.       Number of head frames               : 16 frames

6.       Color number of weft yarn          : Six colors (dobby control)

7.       Weft density                                      : 30-800 threads/10cm

8.       Selvedge type                                   : doup edge

9.       The diameter of warp flanges    : Φ550mm-Φ600mm

10.   The diameter of full cloth             : Φ400mm

11.   Warp stop motion                           : Six-row electrical control

12.   Weft Stop motion                            : Piezoelectric Ceramics.


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