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Benchtop Optical Emission Spectrometer


Technical Parameter



Detection of Substrate

Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Ti, Co, Zn, Sn, Mg, Pb etc.

Testing Time

According to the Sample Type, Generally About 25s

Optical System

The Paschen Runge Construction Full Vacuum Type Optics System

Wavelength Coverage

130 ~ 800 nm

Focal Length

400 mm


High-performance CCD Array


Tungsten Material Injection Electrode

Analytical Gap

The Sample Analysis of Clearance: 3 mm

Operating Temperature

(10 ~ 35) °C

Storage Temperature

(0 ~ 45) °C

Operating Humidity

20% ~ 80%

Argon Purity Requirements


Argon Gas Inlet Pressure

0.5 MPa

Argon Flow

Stimulate the Flow Around 3.5 L/min, Maintain Flow Around 0.1 L/min

Stimulate the Maximum Power

400 VA

Type of Lamp-House

New Digital Adjustable Light, High Energy Pre-combustion Technology (HEPS)

Discharge Frequency

100 ~ 1000 Hz

Discharge Current

Maximum 80 A




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