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Mesin Printing Flexo High Speed 2 Warna



1.     Machine type: central impression type, film  supported by the big drum, never leaving between   colors, so register better.

2.     Machine structure: parts are commonized for availability, low-wear design.

3.     Dryer: hot wind dryer, automatic temperature controller for printing material dry safety, provided by the separated heater box.

4.     Doctor blade: chamber doctor blade for high speed printing and quality printing.

5.     Transmission: high performance vector motor, buttons are placed in multiple places for machine start, up speed, down speed, stop, which makes operators more convenience. After machine start, it reach the preset speed automatically.

6.     Rewinder driving: high performance ac motor, low  friction cylinder for stable web tension.

7.     Color registration: electric motor type, Push buttons by up, down, left and right only.


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