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Twin - Screw Extruder For Floating Fish Pellet Feed



  • The third generation four shaft gear, 4:1 speed reduction
  • High efficiency transmission with helical gear/ herringbone gear
  • Specialized custom volt melker gearbox
  • HRB bearing control inside the box can effectively prevent the increase of rotating torque and friction
  • Self-cleaning function for screw, for easier maintenance. Screws and barrel can stay installed during cleaning
  • The gearbox adopt system which can reduce vibration and prevent wear and effectively protect against wearing, creep, relaxation, thermal shrinkage and expansion of vulnerable parts.
  • SRXTru control ver 1.08
  • Integrated circuit control, independent frequency control, accurate to 0.01 hz
  • Equipped with current overload alarm.
  • Independent lubrication and cooling system
  • Temperature control system is regulated with an external 5AC cooler ranging 5-60 degrees.
  • Forced lubrication system to ensure durability for transmission parts of the equipment
  • Alloy nitriding treatment adoption for 1set of twin screws 38CrMoAl with same direction double helix structure
  • Condensator in oil tank for auto cooling system for better temperature control max at 80C.


Output Capacity

400-500 Kg/h

Material frame


Diameter Screw

85 mm

Length of Screw

1650 mm

Feeder Material

Stainless Steel (SS201)

Barrel Material

45# Steel

Real power

75 kW

Power of Motor

75 kW

Installed power

92 kW

Cutting power

0.75 kW

Feeder power

0.55 kW

Conditioner Power

2.2 kW

Single Shaft Material

Stainless Steel (SS201)


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