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Features of GC-7820 Gas Chromatograph

A traditional gas chromatograph works in the form of 1 chromatograph, 1 workstation, 1 computer, and 1 printer. This way of working makes it very inconvenient for users such as chemical plants, laboratories, and colleges with more chromatographic equipment to use and manage, and the repeated investment and waste of equipment is serious. Equipped with a large number of computers also brings a lot of inconvenience to users in equipment management and data management. At the same time, this traditional mode often requires the use of a gas chromatograph from one manufacturer and a workstation from another manufacturer, which makes it difficult to perform the overall functions of the system and improve the performance of the system. Not to mention (such as remote transmission of data, monitoring of multiple instruments, etc.).

Aiming at the disadvantages of using this traditional gas chromatograph, applying decades of development results, adopting brand-new industrial design, applying the current mainstream network communication technology to gas chromatograph, and developing a new gas chromatograph with international advanced technology. The instrument adopts the latest highly integrated industrial-grade chip, bus technology, Ethernet technology, micro-flow gas control technology and data processing software, which optimizes the temperature control accuracy and gas control accuracy, and fundamentally improves the reliability of the instrument.

GC-7820 gas chromatograph adopts network communication technology and has a built-in high-precision AD conversion circuit, so that multiple chromatographs can share a set of computers to complete data analysis, printing, and storage; and realize remote control and chromatography of the instrument. The long-distance transmission of data facilitates the real-time tracking and management of product quality by enterprise managers.


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