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Gas Chromatograph hal 6



8.       Air Generators:

The main technical parameters are as follows:

1. Working condition                      : power supply voltage 220V and frequency 50Hz.

2. Ambient temperature              : between 15-40 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity of less

than70%, andfree from a lot of dust and corrosive gas pollution.

3. Air purity                                         : three-level filtration without oil.

4. Output flow rate                         : 0-2L/min

5. Output pressure                          : output A with range 0-0.4Mpa and output B with range 0-


6. Noise                                                : less than 42 decibels.

7. Rated power                                 : 150W;180W

9.       Trolley


 - Trolley 3 shelves

 - Dimensions     : 105 cm x 50 cm x 85 cm

 - Material           : Stainless steel plate, Stainless steel pipe

10.       Power Supply:

AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz.


EPC control system, EFC

EPC control system, EFC is a gas flow control system designed and manufactured with accurate proportional valve, pressure sensor and flow sensor. Compared to control traditional mechanical valve, it has much better gas pressure and flow control accuracy, improve the degree of automation of equipment, eliminating the drawbacks that mechanical valves traditional can not compensate for temperature, thus improving the overall performance of the instrument can carry one or three EPC, EFC control modules. The instrument can configure up to 24 gas pressure and flow control lines. The EPC control module, EFC operates on all workstations and is implemented via the keyboard instrument.


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