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Gas Chromatograph hal 2


GC-7820 gas chromatograph features:

« The 8 -inch color LCD touch screen equipped with the instrument supports hot swapping and can be used as a handheld controller;

« Better thermal insulation effect: when the temperature of the oven, steam room and detector reaches 300°C, the maximum outdoor temperature is 40°C

« Chromatographic Data Processing Combined with Instrument Operation Control, Making Easy Operation.

« The instrument can be connected to the manufacturer through the Internet to realize remote diagnosis, remote update, etc. (requires user settings);

« Using multi-thread technology for signal acquisition, data processing, and management users can work concurrently at the same time

« The instrument adopts a multi-processor parallel working mode, which makes the instrument more stable and reliable; it can be equipped with a variety of high-performance detectors, such as FID, TCD, ECD, FPD and NPD, and up to three detectors can be installed at the same time to meet complex Sample analysis requirements.

« The instrument adopts a modular structure design, and the later maintenance is simple and convenient.

« The brand-new microcomputer temperature control system has high temperature control accuracy, excellent reliability and anti-interference performance; it has eight completely independent temperature control outputs, which can realize 16- step temperature programming, and has an automatic back-opening system for the column box, which can control the near room temperature. Increase, faster heating/ cooling speed;

« Double column compensation function, which can effectively suppress baseline drift and noise influence background.

« Oven with large capacity (300*280*180mm) can hold 2 pcs capillary column 0.32mm in diameter (length: 80m).

« The chromatographic machine has a built-in low-noise, high-resolution 24 -bit AD circuit, and has the functions of baseline storage and subtraction.

« The standard workstation is suitable for Win XP, Win2000, Win7, Win8, Win10 and other operating systems.

« The microcomputer system of the chromatograph with completely independent intellectual property rights has the standard protocol of MODBUS/TCP, which can be connected to the DCS system.

« Three independent connection IP addresses are designed inside the instrument, which can be connected to the working computer (the laboratory site), the computer in charge (such as the quality inspection department, the production department, etc.), and the executive computer (such as the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Technical Supervision Bureau, etc.), Real-time monitoring of instrument operation and analysis of data results when needed;

« The advanced 10M / 100M Ethernet communication interface is adopted, and the built-in IP protocol stack enables the instrument to realize long-distance data transmission through the enterprise internal LAN and the Internet; it is convenient for setting up the laboratory, simplifying the configuration of the laboratory, and convenient management of analytical data;

« Self-test, power protection, keyboard lock, auto-ignition function and tampering double power interference

« Equipped with an extended analysis result communication interface, support development secondary and expansion of user functions Can read sample data with A/A standard compliant CDF files (American Institute of), from which it can connect to the Agilent chromatography workstation, Waters;

« Adopts unique Hi-Fi digital filter algorithm, has strong deep ability tackling noise

« Data processing has: normalization, normalization method, single point calibration (point method standard internal single point, external standard single point method), multi-point correction (standard method multiple internal, multiple point external standard method)

« The dedicated workstation equipped with the instrument can support the access of multiple chromatographs at the same time, realize data processing and instrument reverse control, and simplify document management ; 


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